Our Story

It was Cinco de Mayo when ESTAMOS founder, Britney, and some girlfriends were having a taco and margarita night and a guest showed up with the cheap margarita mix you buy in stores. The girls refused to drink the sugar-filled, neon-coloured drink and they ended up going to Harris Farm to buy limes and proceeded to spend the next two hours squeezing limes to make fresh margaritas. That’s when Britney realised, there was a gap in the market. 

There was nowhere to get a fresh margarita mix that wasn’t packed with added sugars, preservatives, or ingredients you couldn’t pronounce. Immediately after, Britney decided to test her theory. She bought ingredients from Harris Farm, hand squeezed the mixers, and filled them in glass bottles she bought at the local Discount Bazaar. The very next weekend, she announced on Instagram that she was making local deliveries for fresh margarita mixes and was shocked by the response in demand.

ESTAMOS is the “we” conjugation of “to be” in Spanish. To the team, it signals coming together with friends and family and being present in the current moment while enjoying a fresh margarita.