Our Story

It was Saturday and the girls were over - already a recipe for chaos. A friend suggested we grab marg mix and have a day, but Linds absolutely refused to succumb to the highlighter-green, sugar-packed, preservative-filled marg mixers. The hangover wasn't worth it, and the grimy sugary feel on our teeth wasn't the vibe. After a short debate, we decided to grab limes and make our own. An hour and some soggy, burning fingers later, we had our spicy margs! We realized with the right combination of fruit, herbs, and chili salt, you can make a mean drink that perfectly masks the lingering taste of alcohol. They were perfectly balanced, incredibly refreshing, and we couldn't put them down. This is your warning label: ESTAMOS is dangerous. 

It wasn't until a few days later that we realized there was something here. There was a gap in the market for healthy, tangy, and unprocessed margarita mixes. It's unrealistic to squeeze 30 limes at a pregame or when you're out with friends, but you also shouldn't have to sacrifice your health to enjoy a good marg at home. Enter ESTAMOS, the perfect solution that you can sip on all day long with friends. The word 'ESTAMOS' quite literally means 'we are' as the we conjugation of 'to be' - and to us this signifies the importance of coming together, spending time, and being present with your friends, your family, and your people - so go ahead, grab some ESTAMOS, share the love with those around you (plus a little tequila), and feel guilt-free about your guilty pleasures.

ESTAMOS has something for everyone. For the yogi green-juicer, pour ESTAMOS on ice with a splash of water. For the bi-weekly yogi enjoy ESTAMOS on ice with one part tequila to two parts ESTAMOS. For the one who doesn't even know what a down-dog is, pour ESTAMOS on ice with one part tequila to one part ESTAMOS and a teaspoon of sugar. You do you, boo boo.